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About Southsea Sub-Aqua Club

Tudor Sailing Club is delighted that, since September 2022, Southsea Sub-Aqua Club (SSAC) have become a group member of the club. They meet regularly in the club house and we hope they continue to grow. We look forward to hosting events together in the future and welcoming their members to TSC for more on the water activities. Some further information about SSAC club is included here and for more detailed information and information on how to join in their activities please visit

Since its formation in 1954 SSAC set out to make an impression on the diving world.

- They have been the winner of the prestigious Heinke Trophy, the trophy given to the most nationally improved club, 3 times.

- Their founder, Alan Blake, invented the game of 'Octopush' at which they have been national winners too many times to mention.

- Club members Alex McKee and John Towse initiated 'Project Solent Ships'. It was this project which discovered the whereabouts of Henry VIII's flagship the Mary Rose.

- They have represented Great Britain in international spear-fishing and produced national champions on more than one occasion.

- In what used to be a very male-dominated sport they actively encouraged women to join them and start diving, in fact, they were the very first club within the BSAC to have a female Diving Officer in Barbara Anderson.

- They endeavour to change attitudes towards diving and make the sport more accessible. In recent times they have returned to their roots of local wreck investigation and the best of British wreck diving.

- Promoting safer diving for all members is paramount and includes providing members with modern, accessible diving gases.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to swim underwater and explore the underwater world or have thought about learning to dive but were unsure how or where to start, now's your chance to take that first step by signing up for a BSAC Try Dive with Southsea Sub-aqua Club. Pop along to the club on a Thursday at 8.30pm to chat to a member or follow this link for more information on their website

You can find out more about their committee members here

If you'd like to find out more about joining SSAC, pop down to the club house on Thursdays at 8.30pm to meet some of the members. Or contact them directly using this link

If you'd like to follow SSAC on Facebook

You can watch them in action on YouTube