Club Overview

A warm welcome to Tudor

Tudor Sailing Club is a friendly sailing club situated on the western shores of Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire. Our members can enjoy dinghy and cruiser (yacht) sailing and racing, as well as fixed seat rowing - both socially and in competitions around the three local harbours and beyond. We also kayak and paddleboard, the harbour offering stunning views and quiet unspoilt places for relaxation. Perfect whether you're looking for a place to make new friends, somewhere to get involved as a family, or just a space for new adventures. Our membership spans young to the not so young so you are guaranteed to find knowledge and experience alongside thrills and fun.

The club provides an excellent base for water activities, with a slipway that extends down to low water, making launching possible at all states of tide.

Our clubhouse is modern and comfortable - the perfect place to relax after time on the water. We have got plenty of cosy sofas and a fully stocked bar. The changing rooms are maintained to a high standard ensuring a clean, comfortable environment to get changed in and a hot shower whenever you come off the water.

We offer a varied events program to encourage our members to enjoy the water. Whether you are keen on competitive racing, cruising or prefer to relax and enjoy the social side there will be something in our program that will appeal. Our cadet section provides a safe environment for youngsters to get on the water. We have a growing dinghy sailing cadet section, making use of our varied club-boats. We are planning on developing the Rowing Cadet section in 2024. We encourage members to try all the activities available at Tudor and there is always lots of help and encouragement if you want to try something new.

Our compounds have ample storage facilities for boats, with 170+ seasonal dinghy, rowing gig, kayak and paddleboard spaces and 70 moorings for cruisers with winter storage. 'Summer only' dinghy spaces can be guaranteed to all new members and the waiting list for 'all year round' spaces is typically short. There are normally moorings available for new cruiser members, however please bear in mind that the restricted winter compound space for lay-up is prioritized on length of membership. That said, we always seem to get everyone in!

Another key feature at Tudor is that we are a 'self help club', which means that the services the club provides are all provided by our members - we have no paid staff. This helps to keep membership subscriptions affordable, making being out on the water accessible to all. All family and individual members are required to offer a minimum of 15 hours of duty per year. There are plenty of jobs and roles to suit everyone and everyday practical skills are always in demand. Those who do not want to complete duty hours pay an hourly rate for every hour not completed. Helping to keep the club operating seamlessly and moving forward is a great way of meeting other members and is actually fun!

If you would like to know more, pop over to the JOIN US page on this website and sign up for one of our informal Prospective New Member meetings.

We look forward to meeting you.

Club Origins

The Tudor Sailing Club was founded in 1949 with the object of providing amenities for club members and their boats, to encourage the arts of sailing and seamanship, to promote marine and social events for members and friends. To learn more about the history of our club, please visit our club history page.