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Club Boats
"Wy Si Wig"
S/N: 8767
A fantastic family dinghy, which is great for cruising and racing alike. There is plenty of space for up to 4 adults.
RS Feva S
S/N: 6164
A dinghy which can be sailed single handed with just the mainsail, or double handed with a jib & asymmetric spinnaker.
RS Feva S
S/N: 6176
A dinghy which can be sailed single handed with just the mainsail, or double handed with a jib & asymmetric spinnaker.
RS Quba
S/N: 1569
A single handed dinghy which is easy to rig and has simple control lines. Can be sailed double handed with two small persons.
Teras (x3)
"Ellen", "Dee" & "Helena"
S/N: n/a
A small single handed dinghy suitable for young sailors. The club owns 3 Tera dinghies - a favourite boat for beginner cadets.
Optimist (x10)
No name
S/N: n/a
A small single handed dinghy suitable for young sailors. The club owns 10 Optimist dinghies - a favourite boat for beginner cadets.
Tudor Sailing Club initiated the 'club boat project' in 2013, after it was recognisied that we could use club owned boats to grow our membership base and offer more access to the sport of sailing. The project was initially proposed in our club development plan with a key aim to offer club boats for use by all our members.

In 2015, Tudor Sailing Club was awarded a grant of £10,000 by the Sport England Small Grants Programme, this was used to purchase 3 new club dinghies (2x RS Fevas and 1 RS Quba). The boats were named Ben, Bart, Freddie after Sir Ben Ainslie, Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, and David ‘Freddie’ Carr - all of whom are sucessful sailors, with connections to the Americas Cup.

In the first year of owning the 3 club boats, we have encouraged many new members to join the club and take advantage of the scheme. The club have since expanded our fleet of club owned boats to compliment the existing dinghies and offer other options to our members. This includes the Wafarer 'Wy Si Wig' which was very generously gifted to the club by a former member.


The new boats may be used by any club member, at any time, subject to the following:
  • First priority is to the cadet programme, the cadet leadership team will manage their use on Wednesday evenings and during Cadet events.
  • Second priority is for members’ use during any organised club event (racing or organised cruising)
  • Users must be able to rig and derig the boats competently. This will be covered in a demonstration session, please keep an eye on tidal diamonds for the next one or email clubboats@tudorsailing.org.uk to find out.
  • users (except for those using the boats during a cadet session) must register their usage in the notebook in the Sailing Committee Pidgeon Hole in the saloon
  • Users must put the boats and equipment away in a clean and tidy state, and immediately report any problems to the Sailing and Bosuns committees
  • The club will monitor usage and reserves the right to bar any individual member or groups of members from using the boats (for example if they are misusing the boats) / or limit their usage (for example, if it is felt they are preventing other people from getting a chance to try the boats)

How to book online (club events only)

1. Boats can be booked via the TSC online Calendar. <HERE>
2. Click on the name of the club event you wish to make the booking against.
3. Click the 'Book this Boat' link in the table under the 'Boat Bookings' section.
4. Enter your full name, email address and the age range of the helm, before submitting your booking request.
5. You will receive a confirmation email providing further instruction.

How to book at the club (non-club events)

1. Boats can be booked via the diary in the sailing committee pigeon hole.
The Sails/rudders/masts for the oppies are stored in a large blue box next to the oppies.

Sails for the Wayfarer, RS Fevas, RS Quba and RS Teras are stored in the sail store against the wall of the clubhouse which faces the Portsmouth Watersports Centre.

Both boxes are padlocked. The keys for the padlocks are held in a key safe on the inside of the door just inside the main entrance to the club. The code for this key safe can be found inside the front cover of the diary where you record usage of the club boats which is in the sailing committee pidgeon hole in the saloon.
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