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Dinghy Captain
Mark Swallow

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Dinghy Sailing Events

Gould / Challenge Series
Sunday 26 September 2021 15:00
Gould / Challenge Series
Sunday 3 October 2021 10:00
Novice and Endeavour Trophies
Saturday 9 October 2021 13:30
Frostbite Series 1
Sunday 24 October 2021 14:00
Frostbite Series 2
Sunday 07 November 2021 12:00
Frostbite Series 3
Sunday 21 November 2021 12:00
Frostbite Series 4
Sunday 05 December 2021 11:00
Frostbite Series 5
Sunday 19 December 2021 11:00

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Popular Dinghy Classes

If you are looking at buying a dinghy, why not explore the following classes of boat? We already have members who sail the following classes, who are able to offer support and advice and if racing is your thing, then you can enjoy some close racing against similar dinghies.

Dinghy Class Number in Club Class Association
Laser 49 Laser CA
Topper 20 Topper CA
Wayfarer 15 Wayfarer CA
Optimist 10 Optimist CA
Wanderer 8 Wanderer CA
Mirror 4 Mirror CA
Laser Vago 4 Laser Vago CA
RS Tera 4 RS Tera CA
RS Vision 4 RS Vision CA
Gull 4 Gull CA
Scow (Lymington) 3 Scow (Lymington) CA
Laser 4000 2 Laser 4000 CA
Laser Pico 2 Laser Pico CA
Osprey 2 Osprey CA
RS 400 2 RS 400 CA
RS Feva 2 RS Feva CA
Topaz 2 Topaz CA
Bosun 2 Bosun CA
Enterprise 2 Enterprise CA
Feva RS 2 Feva RS CA
Graduate 2 Graduate CA
Kestrel 2 Kestrel CA
Laser 2000 1 Laser 2000 CA
Laser II 1 Laser II CA
Laser Stratos 1 Laser Stratos CA
Lightning 368 1 Lightning 368 CA
Magno 1 Magno CA
Otter 1 Otter CA
RS 600 1 RS 600 CA
RS Quba 1 RS Quba CA
RS Vareo 1 RS Vareo CA
RS Vison 1 RS Vison CA
Solo 1 Solo CA
Topper Sport 14 1 Topper Sport 14 CA
Blaze 1 Blaze CA
Buzz 1 Buzz CA
Finn 1 Finn CA
Heron 1 Heron CA
Laser 13 1 Laser 13 CA
**Data updated May 2018

About our Dinghy Section

We have a very active dinghy section at Tudor SC, offering a vast choice of events to suit most peoples needs. We aim to cater for all, providing friendly support for the novice sailor, and challenging cruises and competitions for the advanced sailor. The club aims to provide pathways to help all our sailors become more experienced, with training days in various disciplines. We host a variety of organised cruises, with regular evening social sailing during the summer months and technical long distance cruises for the more advanced sailor, whilst our busy racing programme gives our members a variety competitive opportunities.

The long shallow slipway allows launching at all states of the tide, making Tudor SC one of the most accessible clubs in Langstone Harbour. This key feature allows the club to offer a full and varied programme of events, including activities out in the Solent.

Our large compound provides secure dinghy storage, with in excess of 150 dinghies spaces. These are split into 'summer only' and 'all year round' spaces.

The club offers a full calendar of dinghy racing, with organised events all year round. In the summer months there can be up to 4 or 5 races per week. The winter racing programme is thwarted by tides and poor light with events once a fortnight for those who like to brave the cold conditions. The racing programme includes both racing series and individual trophy races, each tailored towards a different theme, from general club handicap racing, pursuit racing, long distance racing, short course racing, through to various regattas, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

And for those of you who prefer a more relaxing sail, organised cruising days are featured throughout the year, allowing you to explore the Solent, Langstone and Chichester Harbour's accompanied by a patrol boat for peace of mind. The harbour is one of the quietest sheltered waters on the south coast and is a real haven for wildlife. There are also regular informal dinghy cruises throughout the summer months, giving you an opportunity to cruise in company and learn from other sailors.

The club has a very active Cadet Section, who meet every Wednesday evening during the summer months. Whilst the club are unable to offer formal qualifications, help and guidance are given to our young cadets by experienced sailing parents, who hold an number of RYA instructor qualifications. There is a cadet racing series which is run in conjunction with the Wednesday evening sessions and a junior regatta towards the end of the season.

Club Owned Dinghies

In 2015 Tudor Sailing Club was awarded a grant of £10,000 by the Sport England Small Grants Programme, this was used to purchase 3 new club dinghies. The dinghies are 2 RS Fevas and 1 RS Quba. In line with the aims of the grant programme, the dinghies are intended to provide a pathway for older cadets to continue sailing once they become too big to comfortably use the Optimists. We also hope the boats will allow younger adults who do not yet own a boat to join the club and start sailing.

Since the inital club boats arrived in 2015 Tudor SC has further expanded its club boat fleet to include 3 RS Tera dinghies, a Topaz, a Wanderer and a Wayfarer. This has enabled members to go afloat with their families without the need to commit to purchase a boat of their own. We are proud to offer such a diverse fleet at rates that are very reasonable.

To find out more about our club owned dinghies - Click Here

Club boats can be booked online via the club boats page.

Dinghy Section Racing Results 2021

Dinghy Series

Challenge Series 2021 (R1) (Uploaded: 19 September 2021)
Gould Series 2021 (R1) (Uploaded: 19 September 2021)
Saturday Series 2021 (Completed) (Uploaded: 14 June 2021)
Spring Series 2021 (Completed) (Uploaded: 15 May 2021)
Summer Series 2021 (Completed) (Uploaded: 30 August 2021)
Sunday Series 2021 (Completed) (Uploaded: 29 August 2021)
Sunset Series 2021 (Completed) (Uploaded: 16 August 2021)

Dinghy Trophies

Boxall Trophy 2021 (Uploaded: 1 August 2021)
Fairway Beacon 2021 (Uploaded: 3 July 2021)
Horse Sand Fort 2021 (Uploaded: 22 May 2021)
Ladies Tray 2021 (Uploaded: 11 July 2021)
Long Distance Race 2021 (Uploaded: 1 August 2021)

Dinghy Regattas

Tudor Regatta 2021 Cruisers (Uploaded: 5 September 2021)
Tudor Regatta 2021 Dinghies (Uploaded: 8 September 2021)